Spring 1 Plus


With our newest JFET extra low distorts amplifier technology, Spring 1 plus has one of a kind stunning expression of music.

Key Special features

Spring 1 PLUS sets the new sound standards of headphone amplifiers

•  Signal-Express technology

•  Fully discrete JFET extra low distorts amplifier, lower THD & IMD

•  Pure Class A, high power output stage without negative feedback

--> JFET extra low distorts amplifier-->

No board connectors, switches, relay or fuse whatsoever is located in the signal path

•  Can be used with up to two dynamic or planar magnetic headphones

•  Low DC voltage drifts to protect headphones

•  99.99998% OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper or silver signal path

JFET extra low distorts amplifier --- lower THD & IMD

Spring 1 PLUS uses an ultra-precision and newly developed JFET analog amplifier circuit with the lowest distorts.

You will never have experienced such real and stirring sounds through a headphone system before.

-->High Power Output Stage-->

<--No Inductance Tantalum Hi-End Resistance<--


Size (W*H*D) netto

CM 200*65*311

Weight, netto

7.7lbs /3.5kg