Ocean Love Mono block Power Amplifier

A great deal of effort went into the design and construction of this “emotional” device, the Ocean Amplifier. It is built with the highest precision, taking into account every little detail. The "Listen, Design, Listen again" design process and our special technology (e. g. " ENERGY OCEAN " ) allow us to produce Ocean Power Amplifier with truly rich natural sound, creating an unimaginable musical experience.

That is a musical experience with a level of esthetical and emotional verisimilitude only comparable by live symphony orchestra itself.

It is a power amplifier truly worth of the term “Kunstschätze”.

Energy Ocean Technology

In fact any component cannot be ideal. For different frequency ranges, the discharge capacity of traditional power structure is not stable. Some of them have poor high frequency capacity; others are difficult to deal with low frequency high current. Anyway, every power system has an optimum frequency point with the best performance.

In contrast, the power system of ENERGY OCEAN amplifier is composed by a main power system and several second level power modules that are specially optimized for high, middle and low frequency range.

So the OCEAN amplifier used ENERGY OCEAN technology delivers outstanding performance with any frequency range.The result is an unimaginable experience with truly rich natural emotional sound.

Key Special Features

• Pure dual mono configuration
• 200 Watts Pure Class A mono
• DC-coupling, full balanced ultrafast-JFET Voltage Amplifier Stage (VAS)
• Specially designed full balanced, huge power output stage without negative feedback
• ENERGY OCEAN frequency-separated power system
• 1450,000µF power capacitor totally
• Flat frequency response to beyond 370 kHz
• Super high end Mundorf foil capacitors used
• Super high-end Shinkoh non-magnetics precision Tantalum Resistors
• High-end ETI Research gold plating tellurium Copper binding posts without any nickel
• 99.99998% (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper internal signal wires
• No board connectors, switches, relay or fuse whatsoever is located in the signal path
• Isolated power supply for display and control circuits
• Custom-built ultra-low noise regulated power supply for voltage amplifier stage
• Designed and Handcrafted in Canada