Cembalo pursues excellence, with no cost constraint.

We launched our River Line with passion, love, sprite of accuracy, and cutting-edge technology.

You will find real nature of the music and the expression of its true feeling in it.

R5008DA- piece of art.

Key special features

Reference level DACup to 384Khz 32bits PCM or Native DSD, DoP64 ,DoP128

Dual Mono configuration with a real balanced 32-bit D/A system for each channel

Latest 55nm FPGAs as a core, perfectly decode DSD/PCM stream

Precise and Ultra-low noise power (ΔVREF with Temp 0.00007 V/°C)

Denmark Jantzen handmade audio foil capacitors used

Temperature-compensated, femtosecond level ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators

All aluminum CNC antimagnetic chassis

Real Class A, high power, discrete headphone amplifier without negative feedback

AISO HIFI USB Driver, support to native DSD

99.99998% pure internal copper wires

High purity 6 layers PCB board for audio devices


Size (W x H x D), netto

CM                                                                                       43.5x11.5x25

Inch                                                                                     17.2x4.5x10

Weight, netto                                                                      6kg/13.3 lbs.

Shipping weight                                                                8kg/17.6 lbs.

NOTE: In DSD domain, we do handle Single DSD and Double DSD entirely. We do not, at any point, convert DSD to PCM.