Spring 1


Thank you for your interest in the Cembalo Spring 1.

In accordance with Cembalo's philosophy, spring1 is a headphone amplifier meticulously designed according to the highest standard “Real Emotion”. By means of the "Listen, Design, Listen again" design process and Signal-Express technology, we firmly believe that you will never have experienced such real and stirring sounds through a headphone system before.

Spring 1 doesn't have any board to board connector, switch, relay or fuse in its signal path, and the application of “Signal-Express” technology reduces signal distortion to a minimum, so no matter whether the sound is the softest of whispers or a soaring symphony, a truly incredible sound quality will be produced.

Furthermore, Spring 1 also possesses a unique class a output circuit design which can be matched with nearly any high-end headphones, and fully exploit the limit of them. It can support 3 headphones at the same time, and also includes XLR-4 sockets for ease of use.

Special Features

Spring 1 sets the new sound standards of headphone amplifiers

• Signal-Express technology

• No board connector, switch, relay or fuse whatsoever is located in the signal path

• No integrated circuit used for signal

• Class A output stage without negative feedback

• Can be used with up to three dynamic or planar magnetic headphones

• Standby and Mute Functions

• Low DC voltage drift to protect headphones

• High purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper or silver signal path