From all of us at Cembalo Audio Laboratories, thank you for your choosing the Cembalo D/A converter.

A great deal of effort went into the design and construction of this “emotional” device.

By means of the "Listen, Design, Listen again" design process and our special technology (e. g. "Zero External Jitter", "64bit Superior Precision Digital Filters" and "Signal-Express"), you will never have experienced such real and stirring sounds through your system before.

Furthermore, S5008DA has a discrete Class A headphone amplifier which can be matched with nearly any high-end headphones, and fully exploit the limit of them.

Used properly, it will give you many years of enjoyment.

Key Special Features

Reference level DACup to 384Khz 32bits PCM or Native DSD, DoP64 ,DoP128

Real balanced 32-bit D/A system for each channel

Latest 55nm FPGAs as a core, perfectly decode DSD/PCM stream

Precise and Ultra-low noise power (Power capacitor 30000uf)

Temperature-compensated, femtosecond level ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators

All aluminum CNC antimagnetic chassis

Real Class A, high power, discrete headphone amplifier without negative feedback

AISO HIFI USB Driver, support to native DSD

99.99998% pure internal copper wires


Size (W x H x D), netto





Weight, netto

2.7kg/6 lbs.

Shipping weight

4.7kg/10 lbs.

NOTE: In DSD domain, we do handle Single DSD and Double DSD entirely. We do not, at any point, convert DSD to PCM.