Design Philosophy

We often ask, what really is the best playback device? According to Cembalo, the emotions at the heart of a musical performance is where the real charm and beauty is found, and it has also been approved at the highest standard among playback devices. Cembalo, in its music playback pursuits, wants to retain the true nature of the composition while transmitting the raw emotional intensity and passion of the music.

It's just like being at a performance of Mozart's: with the resounding, bright and lively melody of the major chords, our hearts become stirred and we are even unable to resist singing and dancing along with the music.

But if it suddenly changes to Chopin's , with the gentle, restrained, even melancholic and plaintive ambiance created by the minor chords, we can feel the grief and desolation of the composer.

But, in fact, a lot of expensive equipment manufacturers are unable to fully grasp this concept. Some emphasize the resolution and the sound stage, but with the sound itself lacking emotion and feeling; several sound warm and sweet but lack vitality, producing a singular emotion which lacks authenticity. In Cembalo way, audio reproduction is the art of music playback, expressing the emotion of the music and conveying the passion of the composition. Many compare the playback with the live sound.

We have only one goal:Real Emotion.

Cembalo pursues excellence, with no cost constraint, and without rigidly adhering to the measure index.

Listen- we seek the real nature of the music and the expression of its true feeling – guided by the auditory sense and impressions of those artists with whom we cooperate - and thus deeply involve ourselves in the choice of the basic structure of the circuit; a choice which is not limited by traditional structures.

Design – A precise mathematical model is constructed for the whole system, and is repeatedly optimized, so the whole circuit system is at the theoretical optimum point. The product’s entire design and technology has the sole objective of making music vivid, lifelike, rich and vibrant.

Listen again and fine tune With repeated listening, we fine tune, in order to express the truly rich emotion of the music and the unprecedented real-life quality.

This process is just like the manufacture of jewels handed down for generations: first of all, an area containing minerals must be found in the boundless land; the gemstone of the best quality will then be selected among those extracted; then finally, through the craftsman’s exquisite carving, a precious jewel emerges which lasts through the ages.

Cembalo, listen, hear the difference.